Human Resource Development Directorate

Implement Civil Service Reform Program of the Institute

Goal 1: Develop human resource development

Main activity
  • Prepare training need assessment
  • Prepare annual training program
  • Improve the institute’s capacity in collaboration with local and abroad higher institution
  • Accomplishing Pre-training program Facilitation. (Local, Abroad, In-house and scholarship training)
  • Training program evaluation
  • Training outcome evaluation

Goal 2: Improve civil service reform implementation

Main activity
  • Implements civil service reform which brings organizational level change
  • Monitor and support to help for the reform performance standard
  • Creating motivated human resources who perform better according to BSC
  • Monitor and support BSC implementation
  • Prepare BSC implementation evaluation document
  • Implement Automation system
  • Cascade BSC to directorates, teams and individuals
  • Performance monitoring, evaluation and appraisal
  • Creating reform army who tries to achieve objectives of the leather sector