Environmental Technology Directorate

Tasks and Responsibilities of Environmental Technology Directorate
Leather Industries Development Institute has an environmental as well as economic concern for the country. To provide support in the management of the environmental issues generated by these industries, Environmental Technology Directorate is structured having the following subunits.

1. Consultancy and Technical Support Team Unit and its Functions

According to Ministry of Environmental and forest of Ethiopia there is a standard for emission limit and the management of hazardous wastes of liquid, solid and gaseous wastes which are generated from this sector. Therefore the team unit focuses on specially the technical support for the handling of the generated solid, liquid as well as gaseous wastes from leather industries.

To meet the standard each industry needs to have environmental management system and also proper infrastructure for the treatment of liquid, solid and gaseous wastes.

The Technical support team always works hand in hand with the industries for the fulfillment of the recycling or the treatment of the generated wastes.

It also supports the industries in the selection of appropriate technologies for treatment through benchmarking from other countries.

For newly establishing and for former leather industries having new expansion Environmental Impact Assessment will be conducted by coordinating with the relevant stakeholders.

In general the unit will provide technical consultancy service based on the kind of environmental problem the tannery will face.

2. Research and Training Team Unit and its Functions

Research will be undergone on the quality and quantity of the generated different wastes from all leather industries and will also evaluate the state of each industry regarding environmental management.

It is also responsible for training concerning how to handle the environment and the resources.

The different topics which will be covered in the training and awareness creation programs will be
  • Presenting the result of the different researches
  • Environmental Management system (ISO-12000 series)
  • Environmental Audit
  • Cleaner production
  • Climate resilient green economy
  • etc.

3. Information and Project Management Team Unit

It works on finding fund for the construction of different environmental infrastructures.

Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different projects according to the required specification.

Collect information, analyze, interpret and keep the records.